Office 365 – The Way Forward

As companies of all shapes and sizes begin to understand and accept that the way forward is operating from the so-called ‘cloud’, having your data stored on a server in your office (in a cupboard hidden away) is definitely legacy, old practice, and limiting. You could say this was so 2000’s era!

Now with a lot of major companies out there offering their form of ‘cloud’ services, Amazon, Google and Dropbox just to name a few, we look at one in particular, Microsoft’s Office 365 suite.

Office 365 in a nutshell offer a range of services and plans – Storage (OneDrive/SharePoint), Mail (Exchange), Conferencing (Lync), Security (Exchange Online Protection).

Microsoft offer Home and Small Business options which target the 1-10 employees. Yes, even though some of you out there may be at the 1-10 employee stage at the moment, in terms of allowing for growth and expansion, I would avoid these plans because, when the time comes and you do expand, migrating to bigger plans (i.e. Enterprise) is time consuming and not easy (i.e. manual export/import anyone?).

The Enterprise Plans – The Enterprise plans are definitely my recommendation when looking to utilise the Office 365 services. For example, if you are a company that needs to hold onto all emails for legal reasons, Information Rights Management and Legal Hold is available within the Enterprise plans. Also, each E plan comes with an unlimited mailbox size.

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