My Introduction to Microsoft’s System Center Suite – Configuration Manager.

Over the past year or so, I have been working with Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager. The role I have with our company (along with support, project work and other IT related tasks) is to perform Routine Infrastructure Tasks on a weekly basis. Prior to using and leveraging off Configuration Manager, I would have to go through each server (client & internal) and perform mundane, boring, manual tasks. Tasks such as clearing the temp directories, clearing the downloads directory under the Software Distribution folder, performing a backup of the System Info on each server. This is feasible if you’re working with a handful of servers; I was looking at close to 60-70 servers which would take up my entire day. This all changed when introduced to Microsoft’s System Center, Configuration Manager. The following posts will be on how I have used Configuration Manager to my advantage to allow me to automate, monitor and report on the mundane, boring and manual tasks. I will also describe how we’ve used Configuration Manager to patch and update our internal/client servers.

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