Error = 0x800703ee (Failed to Add Update Source for WUAgent) RESOLVED

Just recently, I’ve been wondering why I haven’t been prompted with any new Windows Updates from SCCM. I haven’t had too much time to look into this, but thought today is the day to get this sorted.

My colleagues on the other hand were ecstatic that they were receiving these updates. The ADR policy set for Windows 8.1 updates (critical and security updates ONLY) is to deploy 2 days after it’s release and wait a further 7 days until it is forced installed. We too have another ADR policy for Office 2013 updates. Same rule applies, 2 days deploy, 7 days install.

Having being well over that 7-9 day period, the boys are constantly prompted about a reboot (note – some of my colleagues reboot their PCs on an annually occurrence…….).

Identifying Problem

Firstly, when troubleshooting windows update issues on a PC this managed by SCCM, you will need to browse to the following directory;


This log file will more or less advise what the problem or at least, guide you in the right direction in terms of identifying update issues.

WSUS Error

Highlighted red, was the issue at hand – Failed to Add Update Source for WUAgent of type (2) and id {GUID string}. Error = 0x800703ee

After reviewing Matthew Hudson’s blog, even though the error message is different, the process that he advised worked for me.


Browse to the following directory;


You should see the Registry.pol file.

Rename It (i.e. Registry.pol.old).

WSUS Error 2

Once you’ve renamed said file, ensure you have the WUAHandler.log open.

Open up the Services (services.msc) window on the client PC and restart the SMSAgent service.

WSUS Error 6

Once reset, re-run the Software Update Scan Cycle under the Configuration Manager Actions Tab

WSUS Error 7

Once reset, you should see the WUAHandler.log file populate.

WSUS Error 3

Software Center should now display all missing updates.

WSUS Error 4

Hope this helps someone out there!

Good luck.