Easy Way of Exporting from SCCM 2012

So there have been several requests internally who are NOW starting to leverage off the information that is readily available within SCCM.

Question; How do I export a list of devices from SCCM into Excel?

Solution; Easy! Ctrl A, Ctrl C, (select Excel spreadsheet), Ctrl V. Done.

Here’s the walk through guide –

As I need the list of Active PCs on the network, I have used the search functionality within devices. Note; this is just an example, as you can easily achieve this by using the Active/Inactive Collection under Device Collections.


Literally, use the Select All key combination (Ctrl + A) or Individual selection key combination (Ctrl + Left Mouse Click) and Copy the data (Ctrl + C).

(Select All)


(Individual Selection)


Now simply, head over to to your spreadsheet and paste the results (Ctrl + P)


As you can see, you should now have your ‘export’ performed successfully.


See the comparison below; requirement achieved.


Good luck!