Windows 10 – TH2 Release Professional Build 10532

Windows 10 TH2 Release Professional Build 10532.

Windows Insider subscribers may have received the second release to Threshold 2 Update as of Friday 28th August 2015 (Sydney Australia).

When it was release early Friday morning (for us here in Sydney, Australia), we noticed that for some reason, devices with Windows 10 TH2 Release Professional Build 10525, had immediately started pulling down the new update. No word of warning, it just started to download.

Unfortunately, this caused havoc on our link within our office that morning.

With this, several test devices that had Windows 10 (TH2 installed) started downloading and utilising all available bandwidth on our network. Even though we have a massive pipe to our office, we could see the strain on the network and the effects it was having on our business; we immediately took these devices offline which brought the network back up.

I had thought that BITs (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) would have control the throttling of bandwidth, however I was advised by one of my colleagues that BITs wouldn’t understand the parameters of the network and therefore just grab as much bandwidth it could.

Keep this in mind if you’re looking at installing the latest update, as it will no doubt smash your bandwidth if you’re careful.

On a personal note, the TH2 failed to install on my MacBook Pro (late 2011 model) with Windows 10 Professional. I find that it gets to the installing update after a reboot, where it then performs a roll back.

I will advise once I’ve managed to resolve this!

TH2 10532